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Frequently Asked Questions

How many guests does the venue hold?

We can hold 285 people.

Can I get married inside or outside?

Yes, we have both options. We have a beautiful backyard that is fenced, private, with flower gardens and a ceremony arch, rustic outside bar, and several relaxing sitting areas for your guests to enjoy. The Lumber Yard is heated so we can also offer warm and cozy weddings and events all year long.

Do you have a ceremony rain option?

Yes, we have a new inside ceremony site adjacent to the Lumber Yard building to keep you out of the elements when nature does not cooperate.

Does the venue have tables and chairs we can use?

Yes. We have white round tables and handmade wood rectangular tables. The chairs are white wood with a comfortable padded seat.

Is there a required catering service we must use?

No, you may choose any catering company of your choice. However, we do require that they be licensed and insured. We have a list of preferred caterers available upon request.

Can I make and bring my own food?

Yes, you can make your own food and bring it to the venue. However, food cannot be prepared on site. The only exception is the use of a grill outside, which requires pre-approval. We do have a fully equipped kitchen that can be used as well.

Is there a required bartender we must use?

No, you may choose any bartender of your choice. However, we do require that you use a licensed or tip-certified bartender to serve alcoholic beverages. We have a list of preferred bartenders available upon request.

Can I bring in my own alcohol?

Yes. We do not have a liquor license, so if you are wanting alcoholic beverages, you must provide them.

Can we have a DJ?

Yes, you can have a DJ. Ceremony and cocktail hour music may take place outside. However, reception music must take place inside and needs to be done by 11:00 PM. There is no exception to this rule. We reserve the right to ask that music be turned down during an event if we feel it is louder than usual. We do not allow bass subwoofers. We have a list of preferred DJs available upon request.

Do you have decorations we can use?

Yes, we have decorations on-site you can rent. During your tour, we will show you the “Something Borrowed” room. We have a variety of items that will make your wedding day very memorable.

Can we have a DJ?

Yes, you can bring your own decorations! We do not allow real candles or open flames, but flicker candles are acceptable. Glitter, confetti, artificial snow, artificial flower petals, Chinese lanterns, and fireworks are not permitted. Real flower petals are permitted.

What are the guidelines for photography?

Photography is allowed anywhere on our property. Please ask permission from area landowners prior to your event if you are planning on taking pictures around the neighborhood. We reserve the right to use any photos for promotional purposes.

Are pets allowed?

Yes, pets are allowed with prior permission. Pet waste is to be cleaned and/or picked up and disposed of promptly and properly.

Is smoking allowed?

Smoking is not allowed in any of our inside buildings. Smoking is only allowed in designed areas. For the courtesy of other guests, smoking is not allowed by the entrances. Please use the smoking disposal stands that are provided outside.

Will there be staff onsite during our event?

Yes, we will be onsite in the late morning for a few hours to assist with table, chairs, and help direct the caterers, bartenders, and DJ. We are also a phone call away if you have any questions or concerns during your event after we leave.

Is there a dressing room for the wedding party?

Yes, we have both a bridal suite and groomsmen area to get ready for your special day.

How late can we stay?

The music must be off at 11:00 PM and all guests must leave by 11:30 PM. The cleanup crew can stay as needed to ensure everything is properly cleaned up and trash is disposed of. The venue is used on Sundays at 7:00 AM for church services so the venue and property must be as you found it.

Can we have our rehearsal on the property?

Yes, we allow 1.5 hours for a ceremony rehearsal. This timeframe is for rehearsing your wedding ceremony only and does not include using the premises for dinner or cocktails.

Is the venue handicapped accessible?

Yes, our venue is one level, and it is suitable for any individual that needs handicap assistance.

Do you have heat and air-conditioning at your venue?

Yes, we have heat in both venues. We plan on getting air-conditioning the Spring of 2024 in the Lumber Yard venue.

What are the clean-up guidelines?

We expect the venue, surrounding areas, and yard to be the same as when you arrive. Tables are to be cleaned off, floors swept, the bar area to be wiped down and free from any alcohol or soda spills, ice removed from coolers, and all trash cans are to be emptied in the provided dumpster. The venue and grounds must be picked up, free of food, debris, and paper products, which includes cigarette butts. If the kitchen was used, counters are to be cleaned and, and no food is to be left in the fridge. Remove all items you brought. Please make sure that if you move anything, it is put back where you found it. Upon leaving, turn off all lights, lock the building, and return the key to the key box.

How close are the nearest hotels?

The closet hotel is the Best Western in Wayland, which is conveniently located .05 miles from The Lumber Yard Event Center. Mention you have an event with the Lumber Yard Event Center, and you will receive 10% off.